Vinçotte Academy is a recognized training body offering access to several kinds of financial support under the heading of "safety culture" training: federal, regional and sectoral.

Federal support

Educational leave : starting from the 1st of April 2017, the basic training can no longer be covered by Congé Education.

Sectoral support

Some sectoral funds grant training allowances. Depending upon your Joint Committee, the joint body representing your sector may make a contribution if certain requirements are met. Please get in touch with the relevant Fund to find out what requirements have to be met and the procedures to be completed.

FORMELEC : Training centre for employers in the electricity sector (Under Joint Committee no. 149.01). For further details see

CONSTRUCTIV : Training fund for employers in the construction sector (Joint Committee no. 124). For further details see

CEVORA: Training centre for employers covered by the Auxiliary Joint Committee for Employees (Joint Committee no. 218). For further details see


EDUCAM: Training centre for employers in the automobile sector (Joint Committee no. 112, 142, 149). For further details see


Regional support

TRAINING VOUCHER (Walloon Region): The training voucher system is designed for SMEs whose main place of business is in Wallonia. The training voucher covers one hour of training per employee. Valid for one year, the voucher costs €15 but is worth €30. For further details see for the conditions to be met. If you meet the conditions, the Walloon public employment and training service (FOREM) will instruct you to order your training vouchers to Sodexo.

Modified procedure

As soon as you apply to enroll you should forward the following information by e-mail to authorization code, user code - ONE code for ONE participant - and the participant's identification sheet according to the annexed specimen.


Since 1 August 2017, you can use cheques formation for ALL trainings - which take place after 1 August 2017 -, maximum 7 cheques per day.

Basic course non controlled zone (21 cheques) 

Basic course controlled zone (28 cheques)

Refresh course controlled zone (21 cheques)

Refresh course non controlled zone (14 cheques)

SME Portfolio (Flemish Region) : small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector having their main area of business in the Flemish Region are entitled to seek financial grants from the Flemish administration for initiatives focused in particular on training. For further details see

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